Founder: Iliyan Kuzmanov

MS. In Law (PU, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

BA. In History &Economics (Concordia, Montreal, CA)

Certified in Finance in Concordia, Montreal, Ca

BA in Global Politics, IBMI, Berlin, Germany

Founder of Domestic Help London,

Art Angel International, London, UK

Ezoligencia Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Foundation Art Angel, Bulgaria

Member MENSA International


Get certification in 2017, Venice by the:


Journalist- Political Analysts, Columnist, Social and Cultural Observer

Member of:


Chairman of the

Journalist Union in Pazardzhik

More Personal Info:

Domestic Help London, worked in London since 1999. Generated more than£3milions in turnover. Served more than 600 private houses in London.Founded only to be able to support my dream to build a Social Business that will make changes.

Main financial support of all my social enterprises adventures. From 2020 Domestic Help London was rebranded as Art Angel International CIC, and is part of Domestic Help London Group.

Ezo Bistro, London- social enterprise named one of the Best in London and one of few with Soul in England by the biggest cultural portal in UK Londonist- founded 2014- received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved yearly turnovers of £110, 000(2015), £130, 000 (2016), £140, 000(2017), £110, 000 (2018)- helping to be not complete self sustainable, but to achieve sustainable international growth

Ezoligencia Pazardzhik, since 2019 in Bulgaria- bridge to London, with aim to change my country for good with all I learned doing in the amazing UK.Received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved for short period to create a broad circle around- institutions, businesses, social products. Joined Art Angel Bulgaria as a trade body

Art Angel Foundation, 2020- social body of Ezoligencia project. Domestic Help London Group provided to Bulgarian Art Angle in 2020 -£24, 000. First main project is with Ministry of Justice and the Prison System in Bulgaria- approved as a project with great potential. Gained large public and institutional support. The ombudsman of Republic of Bulgaria, validated the juridical and financial grounds of the project, and the major impact that it could make. The next come Project Maria, that is a multimedia project fighting human traffic and violence against women. 


In the Medias About My Social Ventures

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Project Ezo, was part of the Bulgarian Academy of Science Book about the Bulgarian Cultural Heritage Abroad


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