Be Creative
Inclusive Project for accepting otherness and fight xenophobe- main goal is to reveal how the creativity and talent has no frontiers. How trough the language of Art we can scratch off labels, and be able to reveal that “local talent” has an archaic understanding, talent means talent, and is not bounded by political borders.
Be Creative will not  only use Art and Creativity for Inclusion, but will  aim to solve the problem with the current Art creation and distribution by demonstrating that Art can be a powerful instrument that can shape human lives and solve major problems. Art is the basis of not only our cultural social life but of our dynamically changing 21st century society at all, because it is the foundation of the human creativity.
Project designed to support and facilitate foreigner’ small and medium businesses that wants to settle in Pazardzhik and the region. Will provide them guiding and adaptation in the different cultural environment, giving them an ease during their first and following steps. But not only to them we want people to come and live in our city, and in Bulgaria, or return again from where their path started. We will start locally, with Pazardzhik the city were we are based and we love, but we would like to establish such business and citizen advice centers around the country.
                        ART Community
Make Change Happen- Promoting Peace and Refusing to accept conflict as a way of life! Independent and Transparent Cultural and Art Hub, not influenced by One dominant culture, but dedicated to culture and Art as way of life to All. 
What is Art? The definitions of the words “culture” and “arts” has always been difficult, but over the past 60 years, fast and intense social, economic, technological and cultural changes have diminished the understanding of these terms even further, and broadened the cope of what is perceived as “legitimate culture” and what is labelled as “arts”.
‘A work of art is anything that anyone has ever considered a work of art, though it may be a work of art only for that one person’ John Carey(British literary critic, and post-retirement (2002) emeritus Merton Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford). just need to change the attitude. We are part of the world, not an island, not by competing or confronting, but by sharing talent, the only language everybody speaks.
Safe Place Project- will be a project designed to support the victims of domestic and sexual violence.  The main goals will be to prevent bullying, dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment on work places and sexual assault by developing and producing high impact programs to promote healthy relationships. Through the power of Art the main aim will be to make the victims superheroes, the weakest the stronger. Trough writing, trough visual arts, music, getting public, makes expeditions, performances, we can be vocal, we can be visible, we can speak to the society and change the prejudices and stigmas. 
Art Shelter Orphans is a project under Art Angel. The main goal is to do social lifting by providing Life Changing Opportunities designed to break the Circle of Poverty trough Art and Creativity. Community
Art already received as a donation, villa and large backyard, were 8 bungalows are planned to be built in Kalugerovo village.
                               BROKEN WINGS
Another mission of Art Angel will be to transform lives and society trough Art.
According to National Justice Arts Alliance, arts and cultural opportunities can reduce crimes by unlocking untapped talent, improving wellbeing and boosting employability. Art, design and creativity have the power to transform lives – enabling personal development and fostering positive relationships. Exhibitions and performances engage wider communities and challenge negative stereotypes about people with criminal records. Art produced by diverse and unheard voices enhances art and culture for all.
According to the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee in their annual report in 2011, the Bulgarian prison system has not been a focus of attention for any of the governments in the last few decades. As a result, the buildings continue to be in a deplorable state and the living and sanitary conditions in the prisons where the cells are without sanitary facilities are unspeakable. The penitentiary institutions in Bulgaria are largely obsolete, insanitary, overcrowded, and have substantial deficits in the provision of security and medical care.