Founder: Iliyan Kuzmanov

MS. In Law (PU, Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

BA. In History &Economics (Concordia, Montreal, CA)

Writer (Fantasies, Best Man in the World)

Founder of Domestic Help London,

Ezo Bistro London, Ezoligencia Pazardjik

Member MENSA International

Certified By:

To Achieve

Excellence in Serving to the Society

Ezo Bistro, London- 2014- received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved yearly turnovers of £110, 000(2015), £130, 000 (2016), £140, 000(2017), £110, 000 (2018)- helping to be not complete self sustainable, but to achieve sustainable international growth

Ezoligencia Pazardzhik, 2019- received initial financial aid of £20, 000 from Domestic Help London. Achieved for short period to create a broad circle around- institutions, businesses, social products. Great potential for growth. 

Domestic Help London, 2011, transformed to Domestic Help Ezo -Served more than 500 private houses in London.

Main sponsor of all following social enterprises.

Art Angel Foundation, 2020- social body of Ezoligencia project. By spreading the investment and activities, could be achieved greater successes. Also, Bulgarian regulation does not have CIC body. 

The Team- Comming Soon